About- Founder & CEO

Hugh Reilly is the founder and CEO of ThatChannel.com, Canada’s premier internet broadcaster since 2004.  He hosts the Liquid Lunch program on weekdays, interviewing the most interesting people in business, public affairs, and the arts.
Hugh has a background in media, economics, music, and technical communications.  Graduating with a degree in business administration from Wilfrid Laurier University, Hugh’s media career began as publisher of TransForum Magazine in 1992.  That project culminated with a foray into radio on 99.1FM in Toronto.  Realizing that electronic communication was much more rewarding than publishing, Hugh began working on a plan to create a streaming media platform for the internet, addressing four mission critical areas: revenue model, technical infrastructure, audience development, and content creation.  This lead to the founding of ThatChannel.com in 2004.