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Boost Your Profile produces shows and does broadcast online and on cable as well. To produce a show at studio or on location, if it is in downtown Toronto, is $500 per hour, which includes post production and one time broadcast on our network. The members get 50% discount. offers the extended coverage of interviews and promotional programming, with the shows ranging from half an hour to one hour long and the content is expertly produced and edited, enabling in-depth discussions and professional presentations. 

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  • Appear on Liquid Lunch once a month to maximize your brand and tell your story.  
  • Be viewed as an expert in your field.
  • Gain increased exposure.
  • Focus on different aspects of your business each visit.
  • Receive a 50% discount on videos and services.
  • Receive a Profile Page with links to your website and appearance video.

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Anthony Hornick

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Barbara Schreiner...

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D'Anise Marie

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