Calling All Vegans February 4, 2019

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We spoke to the founder and director of the only known vegan film festival on the planet, showcasing vegan-themed gems from around the world, with the inaugural event held last October 14th at the Mayfair Theatre in Ottawa…and with a second annual happening this year. He is a professional speaker, a best-selling author, and also an accomplished athlete, having completed over 40 triathlons, including two Ironman competitions, several ultramarathons, and the 2013 Boston Marathon. And he has the PERFECT Valentine’s Day gift idea.

We chatted with a kick-ass activist who expresses herself in a way most of us wouldn’t dare to (check out her interview for more details on that). Aaaand she’s a Hydro Girl, so a shout-out to Jairo Phonics of Jairo Lop3z Productions V. She also operates The Honest Whisper, an online shop that encourages speaking up for those typically unheard or marginalized by society, and all profits are donated to the animal liberation movement. The gear is top-tier! What vegan doesn’t want a T-shirt that says “My Last Clean Vegan T-Shirt”. As Lucy puts it: “Nobody is silent. Many are not heard. Change this.” @thehonestwhisper @hydro.girls @hydro.boys

We sat down with Kira Lancaster of Wandering Deli. She actually tries to have a secret vegan cheese club. hahahaha *wiping tears from my eyes* Oh, Kira, anyone who knows vegans — and you should, because you are one! — also knows that it’s impossible for us to keep quiet about great vegan food, especially cheeses as wonderful as yours. We did an on-air tasting and her innovative offerings were off-the-charts delicious. Please watch her space for dates for when she hosts her next Secret Vegan Cheese Club Airbnb experience. @secretvegancheese

We had every confidence that we wouldn’t burn ThatChannel to the ground, despite this cool and compassionate activist with the great name cooking up a storm in the studio kitchen using Beyond Meat burgers, sausages, and crumble, as well as Violife grated vegan mozzarella. She offers said products in bulk at wholesale prices, with a portion of her sales benefiting animal charities. Gardein chick’n breasts, along with other items, will soon be added to her inventory. Visit her website for ordering and delivery options, including PenguinPickUp. And our heartfelt thanks to the wonderful Mathilda Irawan of Mathilda’s in Oshawa, Ontario for supplying the incredible dishes incorporating these products.

We felt honoured and privileged to sit down with Clare Mann, vegan psychologist, visionary, passionate animal rights activist, and best-selling author of a number of books, including her latest, “Vystopia: The Anguish of Being Vegan in a Non-Vegan World”, which provides the roadmap for waking up the world to its own cruelty and offering insights to vegans into successfully navigating the personal and societal challenges they face in a non-vegan world. Through her private practice, thought-provoking speaking engagements, and the many other tools and resources she offers, she is helping to create a kinder world where everyone participates on a level playing field. @clare_mann Anyone wishing to purchase “Vystopia”, type “vystopia15” as a code to receive a 15 percent discount.