Calling All Vegans with Sue Spahr and Alec Bosse. Please enjoy our end-of-year show!

By December 26, 2018 January 31st, 2019 Calling All Vegans

Full disclosure: I’m nuts AND I like cheese. So chatting via Skype with the big cheese, Margaret Coons from Nuts for Cheese, couldn’t be more appropriate. I deserve a medal for keeping my human paws off the package of fromage-y delights I received at my home the week before for the show. Creativity, hard work, and an excellent product have definitely paid off for this Canadian success story from “the other London”.


It was a pleasure to interview the very knowledgeable Rodina Patrick, who will be launching her online wellness program early in 2019. Members will be provided with daily personal coaching and guided through a holistic approach to help restore balance in their bodies, raise their vibration, and awaken their natural ability to heal through yoga, meditation, use of essential oils, etc. We were also treated to a live performance of an original tune by this multi-talented lady.

Internationally-acclaimed documentary filmmaker, Fern Levitt, joined us to talk about her vital piece of work, “Sled Dogs”, dubbed the “Blackfish” of the sled dog industry. Join her in spreading the cold truth about man’s best friend, shining the spotlight on this industry, and cutting the chains to transition these wonderful animals from sled dogs to bed hogs.


As always, the people who bring the food instantly become the crowd favourite. And what fare it was! Plant-based culinary geniuses, Dariia Knysh and Olga Fateeva, dropped in to discuss their cool new Toronto-based meal prep, personal chef, and catering business, FoodVibrations. We were thoroughly impressed with their passion for animal rights, professionalism, and knowledge of food. The flavours and presentation were top-tier. I have no doubt that these ladies are going to be in high demand for their services in the coming months. Also, please support their fundraising efforts for Toronto animal rights group, GRASS (details below), with all profits being donated from the sale of their Christmas tins.

We Animals 2018 Year in Review. Please support their very important work and browse their vast archive of images offered free of charge to those who are advocating for animals and wish to raise awareness about their suffering and exploitation.

We Animals 2018 Year in Review

Twenty years ago, Jo-Anne McArthur took the first We Animals photo.Since then, your support has helped us achieve so much. Watch our 2018 Year in Review to see the story of that first image and the accomplishments you made possible this year.

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Sled Dogs trailer:

Animal activist and songwriter, Kadie Karen, kindly granted us permission to share her poignant tune, Dear Animals:

A psychopath has been elected President of Brazil and is a very real threat to the Amazon Rainforest…the Lungs of the Planet. Jair Bolsonaro takes office January 1, 2019. He plans to privatize and sell off the rainforest to his cronies in animal agriculture, mining, and construction who were instrumental in electing him to power. He has also threatened to remove the rights of the Indigenous people and build roadways through the forest. Please watch the video, sign the petition, and join global protests on January 1st to stop this insanity.

Amazon Emergency:


Toronto action:

Global Climate Strike:

The comedic, compassionate, and creative minds behind At War For Animals Niagara came up with this unique idea, staged in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, to protest against the horse carriage industry. Today’s forecast: ROLLING THUNDER!

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