Cannabis Countdown: Jim Wigmore on Cross-Border issues and more

James G. Wigmore, forensic toxicologist and author of “Wigmore on Cannabis” and “Wigmore on Alcohol” ( talks about some issues arising with impending legalization in Canada: cross-border issues with the U.S. – what not to say and do; driving while high; edibles; new strains of marijuana are “not your grand-dad’s weed”. Jim will be lecturing in libraries this month and appearing at Toronto’s “Word on the Street” book festival this weekend.

In conversation with Hugh Reilly and Sue Spahr on Liquid Lunch at 2018-09s-17

Wigmore on Cannabis (WOC) is the latest publication by renowned author, James J. Wigmore. Following in the footsteps of Wigmore on Alcohol, THE indispensable sourcebook and definitive resource on courtroom alcohol toxicology, Wigmore has compiled an exhaustive survey of the scientific literature dealing with marijuana. This compilation abstracts over 550 studies on the human forensic toxicology of tetrahydrocannabinol and other cannabinoids found in marijuana to produce a practical and highly comprehensible book for experts and lay people alike.

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