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Marcel Wolfe (http://www.frequencymatters.com) is joined by former M.D. Deborah Drake (http://www.healthcounts.ca) who gave up her license so she could administer alternative therapies frowned upon by the medical establishment. Marcel demonstrates amazing frequency devices that promote health and protect from harmful EMF, while Deborah describes integrative medicine and the amazing technologies and approaches that promise to revolutionize healthcare into wellness via her “Health Safari”. In conversation with Hugh Reilly and Tesla LaTouche on Liquid Lunch.

Deb Drake: After working as a Medical Doctor for 25 years, I retired my Medical License in Ontario in protest of the limitations put on physicians to pursue full spectrum care. My legal challenge helped to spart the CPSO approval of the first Complementary and ALternative Medicine (CAM) policy and the new Transparency policy in the Medical Profession.

Through two decades of teaching, travelling to 50 city tour and exposure to other cultures and styles of medicine, I continued to learn new perspectives and continue to pursue solution oriented Integrative Medicine. I fostered new research technology investigations to show health gaps in the detection of hidden toxins, allergens, infections, and genetic tendencies and more. Now my clinical work couples a wide scoping perspective of integration of ancient traditions of Ayurvedic Practice and Herbology and detoxification, Osteopathic Manual Practice, coupled with modern safe, measuring technology such as Quantum Biofeedback, NES Provision & MiHealth Scenar PEMF, IMRS Pulsed electromagnetic Wave Therapy, Laser therapy, Nutritional and Peak Performance coaching . From this wealth of education, I promote a new perspective to promote Integrative Medicine. Finally we have highly accurate, cost effective, time saving tools for MEASURING & MONITORING your custom health with integrative, modern technology advances to gauge which solution is best for each individual.

This lead to further research into new technology for digital vital signs, and the application to health, Stress, Pain, Relaxation, Peak Performance & Sports medicine plus Much More. Archives on this training will soon be available in our Cyber Archives at www.XyberVedix.com or .tv opening Summer 2014.

Marcel: Marcel Wolfe is a Wholestic Life Style Educator that has been in the world of wholisitic health for over 25 years and the President of Frequency Matters Inc. His work has focused on educating the public in Canada and the USA to the dangers of unhealthy magnetic fields and focus on the beneficial frequencies via wholestic modalities that our body needs to maintain optimal health. He has recently expanded his scope of practice to include IBE in order to assist people even further in their quest for a healthy living enviroment.
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