James Wigmore: Cannabis Outlook for 2019

By December 24, 2018 January 31st, 2019 James Wigmore, Liquid Lunch

James Wigmore is a forensic toxicologist who has also written a book called “Wigmore on Cannabis”. Today he looks at the cannabis outlook for 2019. Cannabis use has grown massively in recent times, to the point that you can order weed online. Today, Wigmore talks about the legalization of Cannabis in Canada and what’s has been going on for example, where to buy cannabis, how it’s getting sold, and the shortages. There is also some discussion on the likelihood of states such as Missouri fully legalizing marijuana so that missouri cannabis clinics are not the only place for people to obtain legal cannabis. The variation in laws regarding the legalization of cannabis in different states is a major issue, so discussing the legalities of cannabis use in Canada both for recreational and medicinal purposes is a hot topic at the moment. We’ve mentioned whether Missouri will fully legalize cannabis, but it’s not the only state going through this debate. While there are illinois cannabis clinics for example, other states have no such thing. This is an interesting topic that has brought about lots of interesting discussion. James Wigmore website; http://wigmoreonalcohol.com Wigmore’s book is available on amazon and on his website.

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