Toronto Rebounders Peter Rozniowski and Sarah demonstrate their mini trampolines on

By September 19, 2018 Health, Liquid Lunch

Rebounding is the best exercise for the lymphatic system, and allows every cell in the body to get a proper workout. Peter Rozniowski ( and Sarah provide only the best rebounders (Bellicon), they’re actually mini-trampolines and so much fun while you’re getting healthy. In conversation with Hugh Reilly and Hildegard Gmeiner on Liquid Lunch at

The human body has more than six hundred muscles. While most exercise devices target a small percentage of these muscles, the Bellicon’s revolutionary bungee cord system functions to strengthen every single one! When you bounce on a Bellicon mini-trampoline every cell in your body receives the benefits of WEIGHTLESS TOTAL BODY EXERCISE. Find out more about our patented, medically-sponsored, bungee cord rebounder system!

Lymphatic Drainage on the Bellicon: The luxurious “Bellicon Bounce” (the “Porsche of Rebounders”) functions to stimulate and strengthen every single muscle in your body. That’s right: ALL your muscles!

German manufactured/engineered: There are a huge variety of incredible companies originating in Germany. With its revolutionary bungee cord technology, Bellicon joins the ranks of such high quality, luxury products as Mercedes Benz, Audi, Adidas, BMW, Bosch, and Steinway.

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